Poul Møller

Chemist, M.Sc., retired, completely independent. March 6, 2005.
Extensive studies during fifteen years on diseases of
amalgam origin due to severe cases in the near family.


M. le Commissaire Markos Kyprianou.
EU-Commission, Bruxelles.


Your speeches in Bruxelles and Helsinki express the strong commitment of the Commission to act against these diseases. While infectious illnesses and surgery are treated excellently, (except aids), billions of € and $ are spent year by year on escalating mental diseases etc. with modest results, only. It is time to change points NOW! Medical faculties neglect and do not want to understand that most chronic diseases of to-day are due to toxification of dental patients by using amalgam in horrible amounts since 1940. Its aggressivity is explained by biochemistry. We know what to do, however school medicine does not accept it. A statesman has to force changed attitudes and a general re-education of the sector; a smaller community of physicians and dentists are already convinced. In 10-20 years we shall have reached the norm, that people remain healthy to above 80.
The vast subject is documented here in only four pages + a list of diseases and two figures.

A. The Cruel Intensity of Poisoning.
Your Commissioner-colleague, Mrs. Wallström sent her strategy on mercury in hearing a year ago. In EU-15 1.300-2.200 tons of mercury have been placed in our teeth, i.e. 5 grams/capita on average. A few milligrams are highly toxic. The now elderly have got most of it and Northern Europeans more than Southern ones.
Does any person in his senses actually accept teeth as the only safe place for the world´s most toxic heavy metal, a few inches from the brain with open access through the olfactory bulb? Do dentists not learn anatomy? When drilling out a filling, they breathe vapours and dust through the nose. Swedes have found high amounts in their pituitary and thyroid glands, cerebral cortex and kidneys (1a-c). A 30-year-old dentist had more than 10 times more in her pituitary gland than patients (1c). Brain tumours in dental staff were more than double (2). Dentists are the profession with the highest rate of suicide.
Mercury is claimed to be fixed in the fillings. It is contrary to nature and pure nonsense. On www.iaomt.org two DVD show: 1) Even a 25 years old filling emits lots of vapours if stimulated. 2) Nervecells are death struggling when attacked by small amounts of mercury. The myelin is peeled off; as the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis is demonstrated on film. After 4 years 25% have left the fillings, after 12-15 years 50%. Fig. 1 shows the migration.

B. The Controversy.
What is missing to the understanding? Science describing what is going on in the cells.
In his banquet speech on Dec 10, 2004 the Nobel laureate in Medicine, prof. Richard Axel stated: We have to use the Sciences of Physics and Chemistry to understand the diseases. Certainly an unusual, but evident way of studying pathogenesis by means of exact sciences describing what is going on in our bodies.
Incomprehensibly medical faculties ignore this way of thinking although all professors and students have learnt the Sciences of Nature at high school. At present they will only find the pathogenic substance itself, if included in the hypopheses or it will never be discovered, i.a. amalgam due to ignorance, professional taboos or money for research is not granted. They even deny its toxicity.
These man-made diseases are the biological consequences of the chemical aggressivity of mercury moving from teeth to organs all over the body. The main targets are the brain, central and peripheral nervous system, the pituitary and thyroid glands, the lungs, liver and kidneys, our waste bin. Transplants of kidneys are double that of all others together, lung, heart and liver. When an attack becomes sufficient to overrule the defence to a considerable degree and for a longer time, a disease connected to the organ breaks out. It may happen anywhere and the multiple kind of diseases listed below, are more than probable. Mercury is eliminated very slowly once deposited; in nerve tissue half-life is more than 25 years. Toxicity is chronic and so are diseases.
The amalgam problem is claimed negligible, because “only a few” are suffering. Either the connection is unknown, or the reason is that a disease normally takes many years to develop, so a vast majority of younger people feel healthy. About 20% of the population is not resistant i.e. more than half of those older than 50 to 55.
The Danish authorities admit the strong neurotoxicity, but it does not matter: Amounts are so minimal! The rest is politics. In 2003 the Norwegians resolved almost to ban amalgam. In recent years it has been phased out voluntarily in S, N and FIN, 2-3% remain, DK about 40%.

C. The Chemical Aggression Comprises of Four Tragedies.
The Encyclopedia of Food Sciences (3) shows ca. 50 “diseases involving free radicals etc.” Mercury is their only permanent source. To restore our healing processes antioxidants, some of the most important food supplements, must be taken in parallel. The “science” behind the FSD of your predecessor does not involve this strongest aggressor, so it is unreliable. The Cochrane Institutes assessing the quality of medical papers claim: “Only 6% are scientifically healthy, in top journals NB, i.e. leading to reliable and durable conclusions”. 94% incl. the FSD are not.
Two weighty papers ex Harvard reviewed Medline for the last 35 years in a top journal. They concluded: “It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements”. (4-5)
The UN University said last spring: “The brainpower of entire nations has diminished due to a shortage of the right vitamins. A difference of 5-7 IQ points does not sound like a lot, but you are significantly reducing the number of gifted people and increasing those with mental incapacities. Vitamin deficiency is a disease and when people have this disease, they don´t reach their ideal mental potential”.
The FSD undertakes the responsibility of not improving health of the many chronically sick people and of the risk of loss of intelligence - in both ends of the age groups. Health must get highest priority. It is not so simple to regulate or harmonize. You shoot yourself in the foot as the present FSD is a disaster.
A revision backed up by all relevant science - biochemistry was missing - will reduce costs and sufferings heavily and bring the number of patients in Northern Europe to the level in the Mediterranian area, even improving the latter. What a great object!
It should favour consumers rather than the pharma industry. Drugs are the fourth most frequent cause of death in the USA.
The patients having had to find relief with safe food supplements of their own accord will get so fed up with the EU when realizing their relief being confiscated, that millions may vote “NO” in the states having referenda (ex letter to my Prime Minister and three colleagues).
2) Mercury reacts avidly with enzymes and some hormones. They are conditional of all our life processes and are set out of function.
3) Like other organisms we form the most toxic compound of all, organic mercury able to penetrate protective barriers, a) the blood/brain --> mental disorders, b) blood/retina --> age-related eye diseases, c) blood/testes --> reduced fertility. The cytotoxic compound passes to the foetus/baby via d) the placenta and e) the mammary glands and is stored in the developing brain. Exactly the first fifteen months of life is the period of brain formation. Thus we observe impairment of the brains in the rising generation, reduced IQ and other mental disorders, even diabetes-2 has been detected in school children Mercury is concentrated up to 8 times in the umbilical cord according to a sheep experiment using exact radioactive analyses. Vaccines with thiomersal, a preservative with 50% mercury like amalgam, add to the picture.
4) All the eggs of a girl are formed during the pregnancy. They, too, are polluted.
Other heavy metals impair health by synergy. E.g. copper from an overconsumption in pig breeding. Indications exist, that these two metals help one another to promote Parkinson´s disease.

D. Three Age-Groups Are Identified.
In spite of serious warnings of Prof Alfred Stock who by experiment poisoned himself, systematization of amalgam began in Hitler´s Germany (Ordnung muss sein). The idea spread to Western countries “to create the best dental standard in the world” (Sweden). The patients got up to 22 fillings - on average 12-16, in extreme cases twice that. What a horror! They have 3-5 grams deposited all over the body, on average more than 100 millions of mercury atoms in every single cell. Both by amount and toxicity they are more powerful than all Persistent Organic Pollutants together. These patients are now getting old.
From the 60´ies onwards: The successful fighting of caries.
In the 70´ies dentistry introduced a 50 times less stable “high copper amalgam” in children uncontrolled. Even fewer fillings doubled the load many times. They are now in fertile age and transfer it to the next generation showing its epidemic of mental retardation. It was a turning point. We can look forward to the parents getting severely hit in due time.
No wonder that chronic diseases in the brain and nervous tissue are exploding among the elderly and similarly mental problems in the next generation. School medicine has no solution

E. Surprising Results from Replacement of Amalgams.
Dr. Hal Huggins, www.hugnet.com - the US-dentist most experienced in correct amalgam replacement, reports spontaneous cure of i.a. leukemia, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia (7a). When mercury blocks the transport of oxygen, capacity is
restored by forming more cells in the blood that gets more viscous --> hypertension. In a later book (7b) he reports of improving or curing 85% of 1.000 MS-patients: Strange proteins in the spinal serum disappear shortly after the replacement. He himself is a victim. Anecdotic, “not scientifically proven” they tell us, but the treatment can be repeated perpetually with similar results.
Certainly, many mysteries seem to be solved by accepting these ideas.

F. Conclusions. Diagnoses, medication, treatment and research based on wrong hypotheses constitute an enormous waste of resources. University-educated physicians and dentists with an alternative, holistic attitude have learned themselves what it is all about. They look for health and prevention - the future art of medicine, in contrast to school medicine dealing with diseases and treatment. They reach far better results at considerably lower cost. Being outside the guild they are humiliated by their orthodox colleagues.
In 10-20 years we shall have reached the norm, that people are healthy to above 80 and stand up till they fall, fig. 2. We know how! It implies the later retirement, you desire. There is still time to save many of the elderly from ending their days as mental wrecks, to stop children becoming mentally handicapped. Or their disorders will last until year 2100. We also have to prevent their parents from getting ill in due time. We must act now!
A tremendous task lies in front of us: The number of patients runs into more than 50 millions. An immediate ban on amalgam is urgent. Quality plastic is available since long for all restorations. Re-education of University professors, dentists and physicians is a must; correct replacements with full protection of patients and clinic personnel must be learned (a patient treated wrongly became permanently disabled). The difficult detoxificat-ion has to be further developed, learned and exercised. The medical world will struggle against the vast disgrace.
Max Planck, founder of the quantum theory, the basis for Einstein and Bohr, said: “New ideas do not enter science by old men considering new ideas and arriving at new conclusions, but by old men dying”. But we can not wait.
To the Prime Minister: “The most reckless, uncontrolled and systematized poisoning catastrophe ever”. Somebody must intervene:
A powerful statesman must bang the table to tell how things finally are and must be.
I am willing to go to Bruxelles if a suitable exchange of views can be established and I shall be pleased to forward further information.
Kind regards,

F. Addendum:
The following list was taken from an answer to a hearing of FDA, 2003. Mental symptoms are well-known to poisoned patients. After replacement they disappear over the years. An incomplete list is:
Depression anxiety shyness suicidal thoughts headache fatigue tremor muscle and joint pain nervousness vertigo
numbness tingling of lips and fingers irritability visual disorders lack of concentration loss of memory insomnia
damaged immune defence --> frequent colds --> sinusitis loss of appetite --> loss of weight increased blood pressure and cholesterol
heavy menstrual pains cold extremities
The patients are sent from one costly test to the next one; they are not hypochondriacs, but Hg-poisoned. “Experts” interviewed have no explanation.
It is remarkable that highly qualified biochemical science has documented antioxidants to help chronically ill in general. The connection was confirmed in two JAMA-reviews (2)-(3) and (4). Thus the following diseases are mostly a consequence of free radicals. Hg is the only dominating and permanent source. Ref. 6, p.282 lists about 50 diseases of this origin.
senile dementia Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s dz. MS and ALS, schizophrenia fibromyalgia epilepsy migraine tinnitus
chronic fatigue atherosclerosis cancer osteoporosis some rheumatic dz some allergies: asthma and psoriasis reduced quality of sperm.
cataract, AMD other age-related eye diseases bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
Several excellent investigations indicate a strong relation to Alzheimer´s disease. An aorta from a by-pass operation had > 3.000 times, and a biopsy of a patient with idiopatic dilated cardiomyopathy showed 20.000 times the normalfigure (8). High level in a thyroid cancer.
The mental retardation of many children, reduced IQ, demand for social assistance and special education, DAMP-children, autism, diabetes-2 at school age, hyperactivity, violence and criminality.
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